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The most effective way to help our programmes is to get involved!  There are many ways to help, our programmes need funding and volunteers, see below. Remember just a little of your time, can become a gift for a lifetime. For further information please, contact us.

YOUR HELP can make a real difference!




Even a small amount can make a big difference.  If you can afford even a small donation please do not hesitate.

We would be delighted to accept your donation to help Chernobyl Children. Donate!






Volunteers attend and support fundraising events, plan events themselves and help to run events organised by others in their area. Why not organise a small but effective event in your area!  A coffee morning can raise much needed funds. There are numerous simple but effective ways to raise funds even in today’s climate!  Please note all fundraising activities are subject to CCT guidelines. Advice, merchandise and promotional material are available for certain fundraising activities. Contact us for more information.




be_volunteerBe a volunteer!

Volunteering should be a positive and rewarding experience. Whether it is to give an hour of your time in the evening at home,time working overseas or hosting a child. Giving your time to benefit others should leave you feeling happy that you made a difference. Chernobyl Children’s Trust is committed to putting joy into volunteering with our organisation to ensure that your experience is worthwhile and personally satisfying. There are numerous ways to volunteer and help us to help others. Read more…




Host Children for holidays

hostOpen your home for a recuperative holiday for children from Chernobyl-affected and disadvantaged areas of Belarus. Hosting these amazing children can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life! To take a child out of a contaminated area even for a few weeks can boost their immune system and generally instil a sense of positivity, which can be lacking in many of their lives. The generosity of Irish families in hosting a visiting child from Belarus provides a boost to the health and spirits of not only the child, but also to their family, friends and their community. Visiting children are placed in pairs with families usually for a period of two or four weeks. The children’s average age is 10 and the youngest are 7 years old. Weekly activities are organised by our local group committees and translators are available at all times throughout the children’s stay. Contact us for further information.