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About Us

Deena Walsh R.I.P

As we ramble through life with all its vagaries, ups and downs, it’s comforting and reassuring when and where somewhere along that journey, we encounter a person of strong disposition, caring, and with a bubbly personality. Such was the case when you met, worked with, and got to know Deena Walsh, founding member and director of our Chernobyl Children’s Trust Organisation. Her life revolved mainly around her family, her friends and large extended family of those affected by the nuclear explosion in Chernobyl in 1986. She was one of those people who cared deeply for humanity and all it entails. No hidden agenda, what you saw was what you got when in particular dealing with the many and various problems that affect the children and their families within our organisation. She was indeed a leader by nature, strong and forceful when necessary, with caring and loving attributes in tandem. Along with her husband Simon she devoted practically all of her life since that fateful day in 1986 in the Chernobyl Power plant, to helping those affected by such a man-made tragedy. The illnesses and suffering that she encountered merely strengthened her resolve to work tirelessly on behalf of all those who needed support. There are indeed countless numbers of families in Belarus who owe indeed their very lives to Deena. And those of future generations, who will never have the opportunity to meet her, will at least have the prospect of a better life as a result of her actions. It is ironic indeed that the same such illness which she has helped to overcome in others over the years became present in her own self, just three years ago and to which she was finally to succumb to in recent weeks. Even during those difficult days I can honestly say with conviction knowing her as I do, she never ever once complained or said why me. She faced it with exemplary courage as she did with many issues within Belarus, that was the Deena way, the head on way. On behalf of our group it was an honour to have known her as a friend and working colleague, and there is surely a certain irony, that only this coming weekend June 18th our children will be on their annual holidays here in Ireland. There won’t be any Deena to welcome them off the aircraft, as she has done over many, many years, but we will be there and I know that she will be keeping an eye on us to know we do everything right. It was indeed a privilege and an honour to have known her. To her husband Simon daughter Jess, son Rory Grandson Sam and extended family in Ireland and Belarus we offer our sincere and heartfelt condolences. Rest Peacefully Deena Tom Doyle

Mission statement

  • We wish to help build the futures of those affected by the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in a principled, effective and humanitarian way.

    Chernobyl Children's Trust

  • We are committed to bringing trust, dignity and joy both to those we seek to help and to our volunteers and supporters. Together we can achieve this and change lives… one by one.

    Chernobyl Children's Trust